EMC Denis Yip:Implement 3 strategy,Fit into the Local with New 5

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For U.S. companies as EMC,Yip are not very satisfied,this is his greatest feeling after he and EMC deep ploughed the Chinese market.After 5 years ahead of schedule,Yip said,EMC next step is to integrate into the Chinese domestic market, to meet the greater development.

Recently,EMC held 2011 China Business Strategy Conference in Beijing.Denis Yip, EMC Senior VicePresident and President of Greater China reiterated the company's vision:to help customers and service providers onto a journey of change mixed cloud and become the undisputed leader in cloud computing.

In an interview with CNET News interview,Yip said that EMC will focus on three strategies in 2011,first, to become the undisputed leader in the cloud,the second is focused on the needs of SMEs; third is the preferred global investment in China.

In July 4006,Yip hold the post of President of EMC Greater China after he quit from IBM.In March 4007, Yip proposed 5-year plan in China.He pointed out that "first one is to maintain the storage market; Second, the business development of SMEs through the channel; third is to keep the enterprise memory management (ECM) and backup, recovery and archive market first; Fourth annual software revenue doubled." Yip's 5-year plan, to be the guide the healthy development of China, a beacon of EMC, which plans the previous two years ahead of schedule.

When asked whether the next 5 years there is a planning,Yip said, over the past five year was to complete the goal,and the next 5 years, EMC will usher in a new situation in China,how integrate into the local market is the biggest issue.

Yip told CNET tech news, "EMC is an American company, we know that if only such a status, to obtain a certain position in the market is no problem, but how to usher in more development, you need to increase in the Chinese market investment. "

Yip said, in 2011, EMC will increase investment in the Chinese market. EMC will expand market coverage in China: increasing regional market coverage (to be increased by 6 branches in the country, the total reached 21 in 2011) to strengthen the sub-sector focus, and expand solutions expert sales team; increase in products investment, including: enterprise data / virtualization, SMEs entry storage, mass data; to increase R & D in China: in Beijing, Shanghai R & D centers set up outside the third, the establishment of the city center of R & D and solutions.

"Very important one is, EMC will increase brand in China ." Yip stressed that, "EMC's market investment will double, increasing marketing, driving the market to create more business opportunities. EMC will increase brand advertising investment, will increase in the university relations, energy conservation, investment in corporate social responsibility. "